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Roblox free download on computer

ROBLOX is a popular platform for creating your own games and traveling through virtual worlds created by other gamers.

This massively multiplayer online game is nothing more than an imitation of the Lego sandbox, in which you can build your own world or play applications created by millions of users of various genres, be it traditional racing, obstacle courses or role-playing games.

Roblox Russian version

The ROBLOX script executor 2021 game creation platform has its own engine, codes the projects created using the Lua language, has the Robux virtual currency for buying, selling and creating items, and also allows purchases with real money.

Roblox in Russian


  • creating your own worlds from a variety of constructor blocks;
  • playing in applications created by users;
  • customization of the character, change of facial features, clothes, items;
  • built-in catalog of elements for individualizing the hero;
  • full cross-platform support;
  • work on various devices;
  • chat for user communication;
  • creating, buying and selling items;
  • quick registration;
  • free and premium game types.
Roblox for Windows 10, 7, 8, XP, Vista

If you want to embody your creative and creative ideas in the game, show your imagination and original ideas to create interesting products, we recommend downloading roblox to your pc for free and evaluate this virtual platform.

Roblox new version


Roblox puts Minecraft and Fortnite in the shade – and hardly anyone notices

Roblox is a phenomenon that can not only keep up with hugely successful online games like Minecraft and Fortnite, but can even put them in the shade. 120 million players worldwide check out Roblox’s servers every month. And the other statistics are also impressive.

The story of Roblox begins in 2003. At that time, a certain David Baszucki wanted to design a digital kit to make it as easy as possible for users to develop their own games and make them available to other gamers. At that time the project was still running under the name “DynaBlocks”. Free script executor roblox 2020 krnl.exe download

Today, 17 years later, Roblox’s journey can only be considered an impressive success. As of March 2020, the game’s market value was estimated at $ 4 billion . In May 2020, Roblox was – once again – one of the top five games on mobile devices (3rd place, ahead of Pokémon Go or Candy Crush Saga) and PC (5th place, ahead of World of Warcraft or Fortnite).

The success of Roblox is also noticeable in other figures: 120 million players are supposed to stop by the platform every month. There are now several million games available for download there. The most successful titles have billions of views:

  1. Adopt me! , 7.6 billion views
  2. MeepCity , 5.9 billion views
  3. Jailbreak , 3.7 billion views
  4. Royale high , 3.5 billion views
  5. Murder Mystery 2 , 2.7 billion views
  6. Work at Pizza Place , 2.4 billion views
  7. Welcome to Bloxburg , 2.2 billion hits
  8. Flee the Facility , 1.6 billion views
  9. Prison Life , 1.5 billion views
  10. Super Hero Tycoon , 1.2 billion views

The special thing about Roblox is not only that players here have the possibility to create games in a comparatively simple way and to make them available to others for free. The game “developers” receive a share of the revenues generated by their games (through microtransactions). For many hobby programmers, the end result may not be much more than a nice pocket money. However, there are also some top earners who are said to have earned a high eight-figure sum over the years. A total of over 110 million US dollars have been distributed to the approximately two million content creators so far.

What does it look like: have you tried Roblox before? If so: How are your experiences with the platform and the games offered there? Let us know in the comments!


Rainbow Six Siege gets its own tracker – popular community tool as a role model

Trackers are a popular tool in many shooters that players use to track their performance. The developers of Rainbow Six Siege have now announced that they will bring their own tracker. MeinMMO explains what’s inside.

What is a tracker and what stats does it show? Trackers track your performance in a game. In shooters and especially in Rainbow Six you get information about:

  • your K / D ratio
  • the ratio of wins to losses
  • Operators and how you perform with them
  • your performance in the different modes
  • free r6 credits generator

In addition, the tracker breaks down certain details, such as how high your head hit rate is, how many kills you have done in close combat and how many hours of play you have invested.

How do I use it? The tracker is currently only available as a community tool on the website . There it belongs to the same network as the popular tracker for CoD Warzone and other well-known shooters.

There you can simply search for your name on PS4, Xbox One or PC and you will receive a detailed list of your achievements. You can then use these to find out which operators you are particularly good with or which ones you need more practice with.

You can access data from other players yourself in order to compare yourself with them. This makes it a little easier for you to see which other players you should orient yourself to in order to become better.

You can also see your MMR via the tracker, but kills do not make a difference . The more you play, the more accurate your data will be.

New tracker for stats with more details

Here’s what to do : In a video, the developers of Rainbow Six Siege have presented their own tracking tool called “My Siege Stats”, which is apparently based on the community. You can find it with the start of the upcoming season 3 “Shadow Legacy” from year 5 on

Season 3 is supposed to change and improve the game a lot anyway , with a new operator, a new gadget and new tools. The in-house tracker, for example, has even more details than that of the community, such as:

  • an overview of your performance per map
  • Summaries for the previous week
  • your performance with every weapon
  • set a time period that you want to take a closer look at

In addition to this tool, there will be a replay function. This saves your last games and you can see them, even from the perspective of other players, opponents or from a bird’s eye view. In the same way, even professionals, for example in the GSA League, improve .

The tools are presented one after the other in the video from about 20:12:

A “Squad Finder” from Rainbow Six appears along with the statistics. With this you can easily find your teammates to play together instead of entering the ranking list alone.

What does the tracker do better? The function that you can track not only operators, but maps and weapons makes the new tracker even more valuable. This allows you to see precisely on which maps and with which playing styles you still need improvement.

Together with the replay tool, you have two powerful tools at hand with which you can analyze exactly where your problems are. If you want to get into the higher ranks of Rainbow Six, these are optimal options.

Rainbow Six improves this even more: In addition to the new tools, there is a revision of the Map Chalet, the option to choose the next map after a match and tons of bug fixes. A bug with the drone’s bomb detection , for example, which players have been waiting for 5 years to fix, is finally being removed.

Season 3 of year 5 should bring the biggest changes to Rainbow Six Siege according to the developers. And that seems to be just the beginning. The game’s boss has already claimed in a tweet: You are not prepared for year 6 of Rainbow Six . So it will probably be changed even more in 2021 than now with Season 3 – so much that one could possibly speak of “Siege 2.0”.


Geometry Dash World

The first version of the tricky Geometry Dash jumper fascinated gamers. With this game, the developer gives its users a lookup. (free, without in-app purchases)

The concept of Geometry Dash World is easy to explain. You take command of a square that has to survive as long as possible in a fluorescent world full of dangers and – ideally – should be brought to the end of the respective level in order to unlock a new mission. mega hack v6 Free Download

Tricky levels

This task, which sounds simple at first glance, is made more difficult. First, you have to be careful not to make contact with the various traps – one touch is enough to doom you to restart the respective level. Second, you need to have precise timing as the landing zones are extremely tight.

The developer donated a training mode in which you can add small diamonds that act as checkpoints to the levels by clicking on an icon. The content of the levels remains the same between the individual rounds, which enables you to train. Thank you, however, that you unfortunately do not have a checkpoint available when playing “serious”.

Technically enhanced

The first-class graphics engine was carried over from its predecessor: Geometry Dash World looks downright psychedelic on phones with organic displays. The background music in chip tunes style deserves special mention, which is a lot of fun, especially with headphones.

The most important difference to the predecessor is the upgraded online integration. The new version will receive permanent updates from the developer, which provide new levels and other tasks for download. At the time of going to press, however, this feature was not yet activated. The monetization is done exclusively through advertising banners – these did not prove to be overly annoying during our test.


Geometry Dash World offers no cause for criticism from a technical point of view. The only annoyance turns out to be the downright salted high level of difficulty – those who do not react extremely quickly and / or have an extremely high position of frustration tolerance will soon throw their phone against the wall out of sheer anger. The reviewer assumes no liability for this.


GTA 5: Remastered version for the PS5 confirmed – release will take place in 2021

The first title announced for PS5 tonight is an old acquaintance. We are talking about the long-running open world “GTA 5”.

This Thursday evening Sony Interactive Entertainment will finally give us a first look at the games PS5 owners can look forward to.

It all started with an old friend who will in future span three generations of consoles. We are talking about the open world hit “GTA 5”, which was originally released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. After an implementation for the PS4 followed a few years ago, Rockstar Games announced “GTA 5” today for the PS5 as well.

Technically completely revised

So far, however, the studio has not been able to elicit too many details. Instead, there was only talk of the fact that “GTA 5” or “Grand Theft Auto 5” will find its way to the PS5 in a completely revised version. Even if a corresponding confirmation is still pending, we can probably be pleased with support for 4K resolution and a display in 60 frames per second.

On the subject : xbox one mod menu gta 5 online download

In addition, there is talk of an “expanded version”, which suggests the train of thought that new content is on board. According to official information, “GTA 5” will set course for the PlayStation 5 in the coming year. Since there was no talk of exclusivity, an announcement for the Xbox Series X should certainly only be a matter of time.

With more than 130 million games sold, “GTA 5” is one of the most successful titles of our time. Now we know that Rockstar Games would like to continue this success story on the next generation of consoles.


PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS in the test

Especially when you think that the market can no longer be saved, two current top titles make it into the mobile app stores. As most of you have probably noticed, games in the Battle Royale subgenre are currently more popular than ever. In the console and PC segment, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG for short, and Fortnite from Epic Games are clearly the top dogs. And as luck would have it, both appear for smartphones and tablets around the same time. Marcel has already looked at the (almost) 1: 1 port of the somewhat childish Fortnite in his extensive review . In contrast to Fortnite (only iOS so far), the more realistic competitor is now already on Android and iOS available. Resourceful fans could actually get the Chinese version weeks ago and play. But now a localized version with European servers has made it to us. What you can really expect from the “little” brother of the PC version, and whether the concept works on the go, you will find out in the following review.

Shooter on the console ok, but on the smartphone ?!

This works out! Even if the initial skepticism was quite, quite high, and even after a few hours of play it could not be completely eradicated, PUBG is also a lot of fun on the smartphone. It should be clear that a rather complex “shooting game” is being controlled via a single pane of glass – compromises cannot be avoided. But what Bluehole and its partners ultimately got out of the control is definitely impressive. Anyone who has already taken Marcel’s test of Fortnite Battle Royale to heart should find some parallels here. With a virtual stick on the left half of the screen you move your character, on the right side you look around. Pubg kr version esp hack.

All other interactions such as jumping, climbing, reloading and all others share the remaining space in the form of additional soft buttons. On the whole, everything can be reached easily and reasonably intuitively from the start, but in the heat of the moment it can come to annoying incorrect entries. In the very first round you may still be a bit “stiff”, but the service goes into meat after just a few matches  Blood over. The amazing thing: With a certain amount of practice, the processes even feel so smooth that you could almost think you are playing on the console. There are also some buttons on the upper half of the screen. At the top right you can open a large map with a fingertip on the minimap, which can be enlarged and allows for markers. A few smaller buttons for voice chat and the autorun function nestle directly on the minimap. Incidentally, the latter is extremely important and absurdly practical, as it allows you to organize your inventory while you are moving. If you stop, you often get the receipt in the form of an elegant headshot (yes, that works on smartphones too!).

You can also look around by tapping on a mini-button and then swiping, without affecting the direction of the figure. The only problem is that the buttons that have just been described next to the card are so small that you feel like you have to sharpen your fingers. Fortunately, the autorun can also be “locked in” by pulling up the left virtual stick. Despite the smaller frictional resistance, it is amazing how the makers have transferred the rather complex controls of the original to a small screen, without obstructing too much viewing area.

Can be played smoothly (with the right phone)

In contrast to Fortnite, PUBG was allowed to face all kinds of dissatisfaction from the community. The reason for this: the horrific performance on PC and console in the beginning. In the meantime, thanks to optimizations and adapted drivers, the situation has calmed down a bit, but one wonders how the hell Tencent managed to get the chunk of gaming to work on mobile chipsets as well. Well, somehow it seems to have worked. However, the PUBG Mobile port did not get away with it as unscathed as the competitor. Obviously this will be the case as soon as you step onto the playing field, an 8 × 8 kilometer island. A lot has been rationalized away, especially when it comes to textures and details. Entire hotspots have also been redesigned to reduce the computing effort for mobiles. This is how the popular hotspot (for suicides) “

Inside buildings you have to put up with sloping step ramps instead of real steps. But in the end it is not as serious as it sounds. The game still looks coherent and almost perfectly captures the feel of the game. In addition, depending on the power of the smartphone or tablet, the graphics can also be adjusted a little in the settings. If you look back at the release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, it didn’t really shine in the beginning with its scope and graphics. In the meantime, however, the devices are more powerful and Minecraft on mobiles is almost as good as the PC version. We suspect a similar development for PUBG Mobile in the next few years. And of course many other titles and upcoming games.

Why doesn’t the PC version have it ?!

It should now be clear where in PUBG Mobile you have to compromise compared to consoles and the PC. However, the port also offers some advantages that one would expect in the original. Point 1: The airline on the map. Often you jump out of the plane on the PC, cover up with Loot and ask yourself: “Where did the plane fly now?”. When choosing the route, it is important to stay as far away from the flight path as possible, unless you are looking for a confrontation. On the PC, people (like the author of this review) with poor short-term memories are in the dark. In PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, a dashed line shows where you originally flew.

Another nice convenience feature is auto-booting. You don’t necessarily need this on the PC, but on the Xbox this feature would also have a lot of added value. If you run over Loot, you automatically bag everything useful. Not only is every slot filled, but weak loot such as a 1-helmet is exchanged for the clunky, but very protective 3-helmet. The system is by no means perfect, but it does relieve a lot of work and often prevents you from being shot down while annoying items are pushed back and forth. As if that weren’t enough, if you leave the battlefield and look at the menu, a few more little things are revealed that other platforms would lick their fingers for. Without going into too much detail now,

In PUBG Mobile there is about a season with the associated ranking system, missions, events, rewards, login bonuses, a ping display for servers, a global chat with recruiting and crew function – for a short breath – a tutorial, a level and reward box system , a messaging system and, and, and. Phew, if that’s nothing. It almost seems as if Tencent and Bluehole are testing certain functions on mobile players in order to be able to incorporate them into the main game later without a shitstorm. All of this in sum makes PUBG Mobile more motivating for many than the large version, where you only get rewards in the form of points at the end of the round.

In addition, PUBG Mobile can be downloaded for free from the stores for everyone. We haven’t seen boxes that can be opened with real money yet. A look at the Play Store reveals: There are not even in-app purchases! That something like that will be added in the future is almost as certain as the amen in the church.

Finally, a few words about the sound. Of course, you usually only have a mono speaker or normal headphones in use, thanks to a tiny but fine function you can even play PUBG Mobile quite successfully without sound. If shots are fired on the map, you don’t necessarily have to locate them by ear. In addition, a marker is shown on the minimap (taking silencers into account) when an opponent fires a shot within hearing range. An extremely practical feature that would offer a certain added value even on the PC version with its miserable sound engine.

Conclusion: winner-winner, chicken dinner!

Or as it is rightly called apart from poorly translated product descriptions (we really laughed at the app store description): Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Ending up as the “Last Man Standing” in the midst of 100 players is simply the ultimate satisfaction. Tencent fills the first few games with bots for easy entry (but these disappear with increasing experience), but the learning curve is steep and the fun is great. In addition to compromises in optics, but definitely playable frame rates on modern devices, you have to be prepared for a well-implemented control in PUBG Mobile that still takes a lot of getting used to. On our test subject, an Honor 9 with a Kirin 960 chipset, we had no real problems with gaming, apart from minor stutterers.

As compensation, the mobile version gives you more motivation, no annoying real money keys and a better online experience in general. Despite the hype-like start-up phase, the European servers were always available and ran smoothly. Even on the go with LTE, the ping always settled below 100, which can be described as playable. You only look for bugs in remote corners, and the download is not too big with around 700 MB (Android, iOS almost 900 MB). If you can’t do anything with PUBG on your PC or simply can’t see a country there, PUBG Mobile is probably a more than suitable alternative. Instead, everyone else has the opportunity to indulge in the grueling Battle Royale on the go. PUBG Mobile is free for iOS and Android available, but requires a device from the upper class or upper middle class to be able to play comfortably.


FIFA 19 Review

Game description:
FIFA 19 is arguably the most popular soccer video game series out there. Enthusiasts can compete in their favorite sport alone, together or against each other. With your favorite team, a team you created yourself or any other team from the major leagues around the world. There are fast games, tournaments, individual shooting and other training exercises, special challenges or, since a few titles in the series, even a campaign in which the story of an aspiring talent can be played in the universe of professional football.

Pedagogical assessment:
football is omnipresent
Every child and young person knows FIFAand most soccer enthusiasts love it. Where else can you control your favorite stars and idols in order to really show the opponents what the hammer is? FIFA is ubiquitous. In almost every social institution you can find at least a part of the series and also as a topic of conversation it connects, just like the sport behind it. But just as there are always arguments among football fans, this can also happen quickly in front of the screen. People brag, laugh at, abuse them or, in the worst case, attack them. FIFAis a competitive game. Depending on how the players feel about each other, it is easy to see that there may be friction. Of course, this is also the case with all other multiplayer titles with a competitive spirit. However, FIFA has a certain special position, similar to real football compared to other sports.

Where the fun begins
Of course, FIFA 19 includes not just potential for conflict. In fact, the many different game modes all offer good entertainment value, be it in the campaign, in which the players move from the talented nobody to the turbulent world of professional football, including ups and downs, or a quick game of the favorite team against the hated one Arch enemy, only to then flatten it properly. For most gamers, however, the focus is probably on the multiplayer mode. What could be nicer than having a lot of fun together for an evening and throwing the balls around your ears. Playing connects and FIFA 19does it just as well as its predecessor and better than many other games. In addition, a real entity, namely that of real sport, merges with the otherwise often ridiculed world of video games. Fifa 19 license key for pc no survey.
Since a new part of the series appears every year, the team line-ups, the changes of players, all statistics and other factors and information are always relatively current. This adds another dimension of experience and participation to the passion for football without losing touch with the facts. In addition, the players can try everything for themselves, play, score and actively interact together. Now comes the best: there are many parents who cannot understand their children’s enthusiasm for video games because they lack access to the material. FIFA 19 builds a bridge here that couldn’t be better. All parents who are only a little interested in football and who would like to gain access to their children’s hobby can do soMake the most of FIFA 19 for this.

Football is a business
As in real football, the hobby in FIFA 19 can quickly become expensive if you are not careful. From the need to buy a new title every year, which has at least a couple of reasonably good reasons, apart from, there is in FIFA 19Again the opportunity to invest real money to create your dream team, with which players can compete online against others. In the so-called Ultimate Team mode, as in its predecessors, card packs can be purchased for real money. In these card packs there are cards from players and their values. As long as the card of a certain player is not in possession, it cannot be used for the Ultimate Team. Now these cards are available in different degrees of quality, with corresponding rarity. The higher the quality, the better the player’s values, but the rarer the card. Which cards are in a pack is left to chance. This game mode is very popular with game ends. Some of these rare cards can be found in theFIFA community are almost a status symbol. In recent years, such lootbox mechanics have led to a wide variety of debates. In 2018, the first EU countries began to ban this form of in-game transactions, as they were classified as gambling in the respective country and are therefore prohibited for minors. You can find more information on the topic of the Lootbox problem in the corresponding articles on our website.

FIFA 19 and the consoles
A technical aspect should also be dealt with very briefly. Depending on which platform the game is purchased for, there are gradations in the graphical representation. On the Nintendo Switch, for example, the game doesn’t look as good as it does on the more powerful PS4 and Xbox One rivals. Of course, the controls also differ depending on the system, as the game controllers are designed differently. In general, the controls in the game are not easy to learn, despite numerous hints. In addition, there are many players who have different opinions about the correct controls. This is another indication that the controls are not as easy as they often seem.

FIFA 19 is the newest installment in the well-known and working series, along with its positive and negative aspects. The title connects, just like real football does. However, when playing it can also lead to the typical conflicts among fans in real football. Basically, FIFA 19but a lot of fun, especially with real teammates. There is also a good opportunity here, especially for parents who cannot find access to their children’s hobby, to build a bridge from the real hobby soccer to the virtual hobby soccer. An intergenerational exchange can also take place here. Regarding the Ultimate Team mode, however, it is advisable to exercise caution so that all your pocket money does not disappear into virtual nothing.
Due to the points mentioned and the fact that gamers should at least be able to understand the connection between their action on the controller and the action on the screen, this game is interesting for children aged eight and over.