Advanced SystemCare 13 is one-click protection for your computer

ADVANCED SYSTEMCARE FREE is a program that helps you clean up your computer, increase your productivity, and keep your system and Internet safe.

It comes with a suite of optimization tools including an uninstaller, one-click registry fixes, defragmenters, and more.


Lots of tools: IOBit developers strive to include all the necessary tools in Advanced SystemCare. This means you’re sure to find something useful for your car in its vast library of tools, tweakers, and cleaning products advanced systemcare 12.1 pro key.

One-Click Fix: Despite the complex list of options, users should have no problem finding some way to fix all problems.


Metro-friendly app design comes down to nothing more than color changes, font adjustments to thinner sans serifs and icon packs. Many tools are shortcuts to separate applications that are visually incompatible and offer questionable value compared to the default tools.

Long uninstall: Installing Advanced SystemCare is like a set of shortcuts to other applications. The SystemCare Toolkit behaves more like an installer for other IOBit products than a real program. Even after uninstalling SystemCare, you are forced to uninstall each individual application separately.


At first glance, Advanced SystemCare has everything you need to keep your PC in top shape: uninstallers, driver update programs, and more. However, not all tools are better alternatives than their counterparts.

If you have absolutely no security or customization tools at your disposal, then it might be worth taking a look at Advanced SystemCare. The uninstallation process is tedious and inefficient because the product treats each feature as a separate application. For defragmentation tools, anti-malware tools, and even process researchers, we recommend downloading individual alternatives that offer a more focused, but better-quality approach to their respective tasks.

Advanced SystemCare – это универсальное, но простое в использовании программное обеспечение для очистки, оптимизации, ускорения и защиты вашего ПК и вашей конфиденциальности. Мощный подход в один клик позволяет легко очищать ненужные файлы, остатки и недействительные ярлыки, удалять следы конфиденциальности, удалять шпионские угрозы, увеличивать скорость Интернета, управлять элементами автозагрузки, а также устранять недостатки системы и пробелы в безопасности.

This new version 13 adds many new features to further protect and optimize your PC. Email Protection can detect and block malicious links and suspicious senders in web messages to keep you safe from spam, phishing, and other email threats. Software Updater helps you update your programs to the latest versions in no time. And the context menu manager allows you to easily and quickly manage your context menu.

Apart from these new features, Advanced SystemCare also enhances almost all modules. Enhanced Cleanup & Junk Cleanup utility allows you to deeper and thoroughly clean junk files and privacy traces, and also supports data cleaning for all user accounts. Enhanced System Monitor allows you to monitor your computer’s RAM / CPU / disk usage, CPU / GPU / motherboard temperature and fan speed in real time, and quickly complete processes that require high RAM / CPU / disk utilization. PC. And the vastly improved Startup Manager and Turbo Boost can intelligently stop unnecessary startup items, applications and services to further speed up your PC. In addition, Advanced SystemCare optimizes privacy protection, anti-browser tracking, anti-surfing and ad removal, FaceID, real-time protection and homepage advisor. Last but not least, Advanced SystemCare also rebuilds and improves over 10 useful tools like Win Fix, Internet Booster, Smart RAM and more advanced systemcare hack.

Thus, Advanced SystemCare helps you unleash the full potential of your PC and makes it cleaner, faster and safer in all aspects.


Roblox puts Minecraft and Fortnite in the shade – and hardly anyone notices

Roblox is a phenomenon that can not only keep up with hugely successful online games like Minecraft and Fortnite, but can even put them in the shade. 120 million players worldwide check out Roblox’s servers every month. And the other statistics are also impressive.

The story of Roblox begins in 2003. At that time, a certain David Baszucki wanted to design a digital kit to make it as easy as possible for users to develop their own games and make them available to other gamers. At that time the project was still running under the name “DynaBlocks”. Free script executor roblox 2020 krnl.exe download

Today, 17 years later, Roblox’s journey can only be considered an impressive success. As of March 2020, the game’s market value was estimated at $ 4 billion . In May 2020, Roblox was – once again – one of the top five games on mobile devices (3rd place, ahead of Pokémon Go or Candy Crush Saga) and PC (5th place, ahead of World of Warcraft or Fortnite).

The success of Roblox is also noticeable in other figures: 120 million players are supposed to stop by the platform every month. There are now several million games available for download there. The most successful titles have billions of views:

  1. Adopt me! , 7.6 billion views
  2. MeepCity , 5.9 billion views
  3. Jailbreak , 3.7 billion views
  4. Royale high , 3.5 billion views
  5. Murder Mystery 2 , 2.7 billion views
  6. Work at Pizza Place , 2.4 billion views
  7. Welcome to Bloxburg , 2.2 billion hits
  8. Flee the Facility , 1.6 billion views
  9. Prison Life , 1.5 billion views
  10. Super Hero Tycoon , 1.2 billion views

The special thing about Roblox is not only that players here have the possibility to create games in a comparatively simple way and to make them available to others for free. The game “developers” receive a share of the revenues generated by their games (through microtransactions). For many hobby programmers, the end result may not be much more than a nice pocket money. However, there are also some top earners who are said to have earned a high eight-figure sum over the years. A total of over 110 million US dollars have been distributed to the approximately two million content creators so far.

What does it look like: have you tried Roblox before? If so: How are your experiences with the platform and the games offered there? Let us know in the comments!


Rainbow Six Siege gets its own tracker – popular community tool as a role model

Trackers are a popular tool in many shooters that players use to track their performance. The developers of Rainbow Six Siege have now announced that they will bring their own tracker. MeinMMO explains what’s inside.

What is a tracker and what stats does it show? Trackers track your performance in a game. In shooters and especially in Rainbow Six you get information about:

  • your K / D ratio
  • the ratio of wins to losses
  • Operators and how you perform with them
  • your performance in the different modes
  • free r6 credits generator

In addition, the tracker breaks down certain details, such as how high your head hit rate is, how many kills you have done in close combat and how many hours of play you have invested.

How do I use it? The tracker is currently only available as a community tool on the website . There it belongs to the same network as the popular tracker for CoD Warzone and other well-known shooters.

There you can simply search for your name on PS4, Xbox One or PC and you will receive a detailed list of your achievements. You can then use these to find out which operators you are particularly good with or which ones you need more practice with.

You can access data from other players yourself in order to compare yourself with them. This makes it a little easier for you to see which other players you should orient yourself to in order to become better.

You can also see your MMR via the tracker, but kills do not make a difference . The more you play, the more accurate your data will be.

New tracker for stats with more details

Here’s what to do : In a video, the developers of Rainbow Six Siege have presented their own tracking tool called “My Siege Stats”, which is apparently based on the community. You can find it with the start of the upcoming season 3 “Shadow Legacy” from year 5 on

Season 3 is supposed to change and improve the game a lot anyway , with a new operator, a new gadget and new tools. The in-house tracker, for example, has even more details than that of the community, such as:

  • an overview of your performance per map
  • Summaries for the previous week
  • your performance with every weapon
  • set a time period that you want to take a closer look at

In addition to this tool, there will be a replay function. This saves your last games and you can see them, even from the perspective of other players, opponents or from a bird’s eye view. In the same way, even professionals, for example in the GSA League, improve .

The tools are presented one after the other in the video from about 20:12:

A “Squad Finder” from Rainbow Six appears along with the statistics. With this you can easily find your teammates to play together instead of entering the ranking list alone.

What does the tracker do better? The function that you can track not only operators, but maps and weapons makes the new tracker even more valuable. This allows you to see precisely on which maps and with which playing styles you still need improvement.

Together with the replay tool, you have two powerful tools at hand with which you can analyze exactly where your problems are. If you want to get into the higher ranks of Rainbow Six, these are optimal options.

Rainbow Six improves this even more: In addition to the new tools, there is a revision of the Map Chalet, the option to choose the next map after a match and tons of bug fixes. A bug with the drone’s bomb detection , for example, which players have been waiting for 5 years to fix, is finally being removed.

Season 3 of year 5 should bring the biggest changes to Rainbow Six Siege according to the developers. And that seems to be just the beginning. The game’s boss has already claimed in a tweet: You are not prepared for year 6 of Rainbow Six . So it will probably be changed even more in 2021 than now with Season 3 – so much that one could possibly speak of “Siege 2.0”.


Geometry Dash World

The first version of the tricky Geometry Dash jumper fascinated gamers. With this game, the developer gives its users a lookup. (free, without in-app purchases)

The concept of Geometry Dash World is easy to explain. You take command of a square that has to survive as long as possible in a fluorescent world full of dangers and – ideally – should be brought to the end of the respective level in order to unlock a new mission. mega hack v6 Free Download

Tricky levels

This task, which sounds simple at first glance, is made more difficult. First, you have to be careful not to make contact with the various traps – one touch is enough to doom you to restart the respective level. Second, you need to have precise timing as the landing zones are extremely tight.

The developer donated a training mode in which you can add small diamonds that act as checkpoints to the levels by clicking on an icon. The content of the levels remains the same between the individual rounds, which enables you to train. Thank you, however, that you unfortunately do not have a checkpoint available when playing “serious”.

Technically enhanced

The first-class graphics engine was carried over from its predecessor: Geometry Dash World looks downright psychedelic on phones with organic displays. The background music in chip tunes style deserves special mention, which is a lot of fun, especially with headphones.

The most important difference to the predecessor is the upgraded online integration. The new version will receive permanent updates from the developer, which provide new levels and other tasks for download. At the time of going to press, however, this feature was not yet activated. The monetization is done exclusively through advertising banners – these did not prove to be overly annoying during our test.


Geometry Dash World offers no cause for criticism from a technical point of view. The only annoyance turns out to be the downright salted high level of difficulty – those who do not react extremely quickly and / or have an extremely high position of frustration tolerance will soon throw their phone against the wall out of sheer anger. The reviewer assumes no liability for this.